We are looking for applicants for Swiss companies for all types of jobs and industries. You can find our current job offers here. Please keep in mind that we can only consider applications in German.

Do you have a degree in healthcare?

We help people who obtained a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in nursing or physiotherapy in a EU member state during the recognition process of the Swiss Red Cross (SRK) and the subsequent job search. The application process has four steps.

  1. You send us all your application documents, including a photo, work references and your nursing diploma using our online application tool or by e-mail at info@acasa-personal.ch. After we have received and checked your documents, we will contact you.

  2. We apply for your for the preliminary review documents at the Swiss Red Cross (SRK). You provide us with the missing documents. If you have all documents ready for the preliminary review, we submit them to the SRK. The preliminary review usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks.

  3. If the SRK’s preliminary review is positive, we will organise an interview on-site or on Skype, in order to check if you are suitable for employment in Switzerland. If the result of our selection process is positive, we will cover the costs for the SRK’s definitive recognition process. The final review costs between 600 and 1000 Swiss Francs and usually lasts 1 to 3 months.

  4. If the Red Cross granted you recognition, we will look for a suitable job for you in Switzerland. Depending on the duration of your employment in Switzerland, you will pay us back a part of the recognition costs after you start working in Switzerland.