Do you want to hire a part of your staff externally? For instance in the following situation: for temporary assignments, in case of a hiring freeze/headcount limit, in times of economic uncertainty or whenever the costs and the risks of employing are too high.

With a casa 24h you can hire staff quickly and easily without any effort or risks. We can do this under the best conditions starting at a margin of CHF 2,- per hour. Your company does not take any risks. This means that you do not have to draw up any employment contracts or to register for AHV, BVG or family benefits. There are no costs in case of accidents or sickness, because your employees are hired by acasa24h and receive their salary directly from us. This is how our service works.

You tell us what staff you have and the agreed hourly and monthly salary. We give you an employment contract for your employees and the order confirmation. Upon receipt of the hourly reports the employees receive their salary within 2 working days. Monthly salaries are automatically transferred on the 25th of each month. We will send you the invoice.

Calculating costs

Calculate the costs for your individual service package. Enter the desired amount and choose between an hourly, a daily, a monthly or a fixed salary. The calculator will show the most important information regarding your individual hiring/calculation model.