Sometimes things need to move fast. This is why we are going to keep our explanations short and simple. The a casa emergency service is your SOS Programme when you urgently need reinforcement, for instance for a limited amount of time, for specific area, in a special situation. Contact our staff emergency service:

  • Contact us – the quickest way to do it is to call us, but you can also send us an e-mail.
  • Tell us what you need and who you are looking for. Who, what for, when, where? Our staff emergency service team is on-call and ready to help.
  • a casa personal has a special staff emergency service team. Employed by a casa, sent to you in case of emergency. If our specialised staff suits you and is available, we will send you one (or more) members of our staff emergency service team. As soon as possible.

a casa specialised staff is already on their way. a casa brings specialised staff to you even when it is urgent.