Our care services at home

We assist and support you in coping with day-to-day life. Our caregivers alternate in a defined rhythm. Continuity and switch at fixed times are important as people age and have age-related difficulties. Our caregivers are trained for these cases and have years of experience. Structured routines support the balance and well-being of the patient. Thus, we offer continuous care based on trust and respect.

Household maintenance

According to the instructions we discuss together and put down in a plan, we take care of your household, do the washing, the shopping, dispose of waste, clean the curtains and take over the winter service. Of course, the plan can be adjusted if necessary. This is why we always stay in touch.

General care

We assist you in your day-to-day life, we talk, read or solve a crossword puzzle together. Gardening and taking care of pets are part of our offer, just as taking care of correspondence, filling out forms or going to the hospital or the authorities. Are you planning a birthday party, a celebration or a get-together over coffee? We can organise and manage these events for you. Nothing should stand in the way of maintaining your social life even when you want to visit your friends and acquaintances.


We consciously introduce movement in your day-to-day life. Despite walking impediments, with tools such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes we guarantee your mobility. Nothing stands in your way, not even on holiday. Furthermore, we keep an eye on the amount of fluids you drink, because you stop feeling thirsty as you age.

Hospital stays

A hospital stay does not take us aback. Everything is taken care of. We organize the stay, come visit, bring you fresh laundry and make sure that everything follows its normal course at home. Just get better and in the meantime we take care of the rest, even of your return home. Of course, we take over the coordination and organisation with Spitex or other institutions, should you need medical support.

Short-term care

Short-term care is great in order to relieve family members.

Giving up one’s job and free time often leads to social isolation. Further giving up on holidays and hobbies, sports or therapy often leads to family members needing care themselves because of the excessive physical activity and psychological pressure.

We see short-term care as a patch. Family members have time to go on holiday or follow a treatment. Meet up with your friends and take care of your social life. We will find an appropriate care solution for the well-being of all participants. Please remember that a casa personal does not provide any nursing services during short-term care.

We offer non-binding personal counseling.

Our price policy and conditions in detail

24 hour care

We assist you and guarantee your dignity with respect and attentiveness in every situation according to your needs and possibilities. Our competent and sensitive caregivers respect your privacy and your personal space. Our services cost CHF 1,990.00 excl. VAT per week. In the case of a contract period of at least a month we charge CHF 6,990.90 excl. VAT. Individual prices are possible according to the contract period and the services provided. Please ask us.

Hourly and short-term care

If 24-hour care is not necessary, i.e. the caregive does not live with the client, we can still guarantee the same caregiver throughout the entire period. The caregivers live nearby and can react quickly in case of an emergency. Even hourly night-time care is possible this way.