This programme is as functional as it is successful. It combines classic methods with new ideas and respects important values. Are you looking for specialised staff for a position and it is important that this person is also the optimal fit for you? Then you’re at the right place.

Our Solo Programme has 4 versions:

  • the a casa personal leasing – for everyone who does not want to employ staff on the long term
  • the a casa personal recruitment – for those who are looking for fixed employees immediately
  • the a casa personal try & hire – for everyone who want to decide after a trial period of 90 days
  • the a casa personal head-hunting – for everyone who wants to task us with a concrete search

Which option is the best for you? We will find out quickly in a personal meeting. Or if you already know what you are looking for, we assist you quickly and directly.

Our Solo Programme wins you over with intelligence and individuality. Who we are, what we do and how we work – regardless of whether we are talking about leasing, recruitment, try & hire or head-hunting – is based on 5 pillars. Unshakeable, unbreakable and unmistakable. So that you know where you stand and where you can find the perfect staff for you.

a casa personal brings specialised staff to your home. How? We have decades of experience, lasting relationships with hospitals, retirement homes, outpatient services and other healthcare facilities as well as innate tact and intuition. Our Solo Programme relies on the classic “1 person 1 job” deployment with readily available specialised staff. So that your new team member can start work without any delays.

Take advantage of the 5 a casa pillars – the sooner the better! By phone at 041 726 18 48 or by e-mail at we tell you what we can do for you, what specialised staff we are currently recruiting and why we are your ideal partner.

Solo pillar no. 1

The a casa principle:

minimised risk

Employers need and look for specialised staff but rarely find them. At a casa personal everything is different. Our strength lies in finding really good staff. a casa personal brings you the specialised staff you need. In Switzerland, for Switzerland, closely involved, reliable and available.

Our a casa Solo Programme goes by the motto “Simplify processes, multiply perspectives”. We find specialised staff for you, through leasing or recruitment, try & hire with hiring after a trial period or concrete head-hunting. We find the specialised staff you need with the exact qualifications you give us. Even if it takes a bit longer sometimes. We have always been persistent and we are staying this way. And then? Your new employee comes to you.

Basically, this means: You trust us, we find specialised staff for you.

Solo pillar no. 2

The a casa philosophy:

extended security

We know how important sustainable care and long-term collaboration is to you. Less initial training, more security. You can take advantage of this by finding out if the employee fits in your household and team based on the try & hire principle. Our offer: The employee is hired and paid by a casa personal for 90 days – only afterwards does he/she get hired by you. What if it’s an instant match? Then we can skip the leasing step and go straight to recruitment.

At a casa personal this means: we provide the best care, you make the least amount of effort.

Solo pillar no. 3

The a casa processes:

optimised procedure

You can work with the staff recruited, leased or found by a casa the same way you were used to before and according to your own household philosophy. Team meetings, reports, further training – a casa staff participates from the very beginning and continues to do so. We miss no important changes, we support you every step of the way. Your new employee becomes the most important contact person and will remain that way. Just like all your other employees.

Working together with us means: a well thought out process and thus guaranteed motivated employees.

Solo pillar no. 4

The a casa privilege:

motivated staff

Working together with a casa personal has numerous advantages. One of the most important ones: motivated staff. People who work for you, either full-time or part-time, as it is the case in our Solo Programme, are very involved in everything that is happening, are aware of everything important and do not have to be trained every time they get started. In short, a casa staff is motivated, focused and intent. Based on our 20 years of experience we already know what is important and who is suitable.

In order not to get distracted by the search for permanent housing in case of a change of residence, we offer support in this area too.

This is what trusting cooperation means to us: being open and 100% involvement.

Solo pillar no. 5

The a casa practice:

fair cooperation

Fair cooperation means open communication between all participants. Right from the start, we establish if

  • we should look for staff according to your instructions = a casa personal head-hunting
  • we should hire the employee ourselves and lease it to you = a casa personal leasing
  • you want to hire the recruited staff immediately = a casa personal recruitment
  • you want to lease the employee for 90 days and then hire them = a casa personal try & hire

Once you have decided which option is best for you, we start looking. So that we can find your new staff as soon as possible.

a casa personal brings specialised staff to you.

Does this sound like something for you? Contact us! We will explain the details of our a casa Solo Programm or we can start recruiting straight away. What specialised staff are you looking for? Ask now.